30 Paintings in 30 Days

It was a whim, a dare, a passing comment made by an artist friend, "I'm thinking about doing the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.... YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO!  They caught me in a good mood after a good nights sleep which doesn't happen often. " 

"Sure" I replied, "Sounds like fun and January is always boring anyway" It slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it! Oh well, it's only 30 days how bad could it be?

I already had enough canvas ready to start so I really had no excuse. GAME ON! Now for subject matter, that was a different story. First thought was to go through some paintings I had already completed and just zoom into small sections. Then on to a few landscapes and let's do some dogs, how about farm animals....... Ideas started and the process began. We all posted our photos and encouraged each other daily and then suddenly we were half way done and we were starting to feel a little sad about the end approaching. The object was to paint more often and try subjects we didn't usually do, not to complete daily masterpieces which thankfully took the pressure off. I did complete all 30 and actually a few more and the feeling of accomplishment was a great way to start the year. Thanks go to California artist Leslie Saeta who graciously takes time to set it up and allows artists (over 400!) to show their paintings on her blog. 

I am already looking forward to the next challenge and have started a sketchbook-idea book to have a head start.  I don't think my future January's will be boring anymore!