The Artist

Like many self taught artists, Meg Matson has not followed the easy path. Learning through trial and error, experimentation has become the norm rather than the atypical.

Her father was a salesman for a large paper company and growing up, Meg always had stacks of various papers at her disposal. Since she never had to be conservative with her use of paper, her artwork often resembled science experiments more than art. Items from the garage and kitchen often found their way incorporated into imaginative works. Today those same techniques are no longer considered abnormal and have found their own category of "Experimental" in prestigious shows. 

Although she has studied traditional oil methods through books, classes, and workshops Meg prefers to not have her non-representational works influenced by others. Finding it more exciting to develop her own style, she works daily to discover ways to keep her art fresh and energetic. 

Meg's work has shown internationally and is held in many corporate collections.