The difficulty lies in trying to catch the wind on canvas. I do not intend to paint a tree, I strive to paint the way the tree moves and the sound of rustling leaves.

A large white canvas is very intimidating. The fear of ruining it can be overwhelming. My plan of attack is always the same. To do just that, ATTACK! My first step is  to crank up the music. Strong rhythms, heavy beats influence my work. Wimpy music makes wimpy art. I like working large formats where I have room to move around and be spontaneous  I have a secret ambition of being set up and creating a large piece on site as a live band plays.

In the studio I work the canvas both upright and flat. Turning it often and not really knowing which way it will hang until the signature goes on. The first strokes to hit the canvas are usually made with oil pastels sticks. Sometimes just scribbles, sometimes words that come from the songs that are playing. The purpose is to break the tension of the all white canvas.My color palette changes with my moods. I usually work with the Munsell color theory which embodies the process of five primary colors rather than the standard three. When I am "blocked"  I have several exercises that help loosen me up and get me back on track.

My favorite is to go through a decorating magazine and find a room I particularly like. I will disregard any artwork on the walls and the ask myself, "If I had that room what would I put on the wall?" It`s a fun challenge and makes me step outside the box and my usual comfort zone. It often encourages me to try color combinations that I wouldn't usually think of. Another thing I often try is new music. Music is a strong motivator. A recent exhibition I had hanging was titled, "The Sound Of Color" The meaning is a personal feeling about art. To me art is as much audio as visual. When you listen to a song your subconscious mind automatically puts visuals to it. Art in turn should be heard. A landscape can produce subtle sounds of leaves or singing birds. Large abstracts need rhythm, movement, something that sings to the viewer.

Artists` know that the average time to grab the attention of a viewer in a gallery is 7 seconds. SECONDS! Pretty colors are not enough. It has to sing to their soul. Original art is an investment and needs to have a connection with the owner, not just match their couch.

When "The fat lady sings" I know the piece is done. It`s time to sign my name and put down the brush."

-Meg Matson

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